Welcome to The Environmental Shopping Network

There are many issues threatening the health of our planet, and we can all make lifestyle changes, big or small, to reduce our personal impact.

The Environmental Shopping Network is here to make it easier for anyone to make positive, environmentally friendly changes in their shopping habits.

It's not a shop. Think of it as more of an information point to find products online and locally in the South West.

You may want to stop buying anything in plastic. You may just want to reduce single-use plastics. You may want to find certain products which don't use palm oil. Or you may want to go all out and strive for a zero waste, vegan, organic and palm oil free life – not forgetting minimal food miles!

Whatever it is you're looking for, The Environmental Shopping Network is here to give you options.

Over the coming months (maybe even years) this website will be constantly evolving.

If you find a product or shop that you think should be listed please get in touch.


Browse the products currently listed to find, amongst others, plastic free, palm oil free and zero packaging options.

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Shop local

Using local independent shops is not only good for your town's economy, but could also help reduce your carbon footprint and waste.

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Help the network

I can find products online, but I need your help to expand the local shops listings and make the network grow. Many people don't know what's available on their doorstep. So get involved, share the knowledge and help each other help the planet.

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